Cuisenaire Rods 308 Pieces

Cuisenaire Rods 308 Pieces

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Cuisenaire Rods are a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different color and size. The smallest rod is one centimeter long and the longest rod is 10 centimeters long. 
This educational set includes 10 different colour coded rods and 308 pieces in total (White, Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange, Pink and Black).

Developed 75 years ago by a Belgian teacher Georges Cuisenaire, cuisenaire rods are a great teaching tool for taching a variety of maths skills, including counting, addition, subtraction and more. The aid to provide an easy and fun way to learn, and as maths understanding grows they can be used to learn fractions, measurements and geometry. 
Cuisenaire rods are also popular in the Montessori school system.
This set of cuisenaire rods come packaged in a wooden storage box with clear perspex sliding lid, for safe keeping.

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