Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

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Build your car and drive away!
Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in this unique logic game! SmartCar 5x5 includes the car and 5 wooden blocks in 5 different colors. Kids solve each of the 96 challenges by placing all of the blocks correctly in the car according to the clues. SmartCar 5x5 is a puzzle and a toy…solve a challenge or take your car for a test drive!

  • Category Preschool Games
  • Age 4-9
  • # of Challenges 96
  • # of Players 1
  • Inside the Box

    1 5-wheel car, 5 different colours, 1 challenge booklet for preschool with 48 challenges and solutions,1 booklet for primary school with 48 harder challenges and solutions 

  • What the
    Experts Say
    Playing Smartcar 5x5 stimulates the following cognitive skills:

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