Kinder Sylk- Set of 6 Mini Sylks by Earthsylk
Kinder Sylk- Set of 6 Mini Sylks by Earthsylk

Kinder Sylk- Set of 6 Mini Sylks by Earthsylk

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The Kinder Play Sylk is a set of 6 mini silks including one of each colour; wombat, galah, wattle, moon, sky and eucalyptus. Each kinder sylk is approximately 25x25cm*.

These Kinder sized Play Sylks are perfect for the littlest of babes for grabbing and touching and playing peek-a-boo. They can be used as little baby blankets, colour matching games, . A wonderful open ended tool with so many possibilities that is the perfect size for little ones.

Each Kinder Sylk is made from the off cut of its bigger sibling. Making Kinder Sylks mean no waste.

All EarthSylk Play Sylks are handmade with love from 100% soy sylk and dyed in small batches using non-toxic plant based dyes. Due to the handmade nature, all play sylks will have slight colour and size variances. 

Play silks are the ultimate open-ended resources; children can use them for just about anything! A baby blanket, a play scape, peek-a-boo, tie them up and so much more. The difference with our Play Sylks by Earthsylk is that they are Australia’s first natural, cruelty free play silks made from left over products. The Play Sylks are spun from residue and waste product of the tofu and soy milk industry.

Soy Sylk is a natural, soft, cruelty-free silk alternative with a similar personality and feel to traditional silk. 

  •  Packaged in a recycled box ready for gifting
  •  6 Kinder Sylks in each box.
  •  Machine washable - care instructions included 
  •  Made with love in Australia
  •  100% vegan friendly.

Please follow safe sleep guidelines and use sylks under supervision.

* Kinder Sylks are offcuts which means they can vary in sizes differences by 2-3cms

  each piece in the set will not be uniform in size.

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