All About Dragons

All About Dragons

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Dig deep into the world of dragons and discover all there is to know about these formidable fire-breathing beasts.

Why are dragons so hard to find? What do they eat? When do they sleep? How far can they fly? And is it safe to get close to them? In this follow-up to the bestselling All About Mermaids and All About Fairies, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about these captivating creatures.

With enchanting artwork by Kristina Kister and engrossing text by dragon expert Izzy Quinn, All About Dragons will delight dragon enthusiasts of any age.

About the Author

Izzy Quinn grew up in Sydney and likes to watch the humpback whales migrating north in winter.

About the Illustrator

Kristina Kister is an illustrator and character designer from Essen, Germany. After studying Communication Design, she worked as a junior art director at an ad agency in Düsseldorf before embarking on a career in illustration. Kristina’s creative practice includes illustrating children’s books and developing characters and concepts for German TV shows.

With a background as a graphic designer, Kristina’s style is characterised by geometric shapes, unusual colour palettes and clear outlines. Working mostly in digital forms, Kristina also experiments with watercolour and pencil textures to give her artwork an analogue feel.

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