About us

Hello and welcome to The Bendy Beanstalk! 

We are Chloe and Rohan, parents to six children who were born in the space of three years! That's right - when our eldest three boys were 1, 2 and 3 years old, we welcomed baby triplets and fell even further in love with the beautiful world of parenting.

We've been passionate about quality toys and tools for learning since very early on in our parenting journey when we learnt that not all toys are created equal. Spending time in educational toy stores became a favourite pastime of ours (the kids weren't complaining!) and we began to dream about owning a toy store of our own one day.

We completely involved ourselves in parenting our six little beans and revelled in every little moment of their babyhood. Our kids are now 6, 5, 3, 2, 2 & 2 and we have found our rhythm and a little more time to follow our dreams... and thus The Bendy Beanstalk was finally born. 

At The Bendy Beanstalk, we have a passion for uniquely designed educational toys, games and books, beautifully made with the highest quality. As parents of six happy and bright young children, we have learnt by experience what products kids love as well as what products benefit their development. These toys are fun and engaging while also being educational and practical and we believe this balance plays an important part in creating a happy learning environment for your child. 

We hope you find something you like here at The Bendy Beanstalk; don't forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram to learn about our products and be up to date on whats new in store. 

You can also follow our family Instagram account, Facebook page and YouTube channel to keep up with our fun-filled adventures and everyday life happenings as a cheerful young family of eight with a passion for learning, laughing and loving life! ❤️


- The Bendy Beanstalk Family