Playmags Supermags 150 Piece Mega Set
Playmags Supermags 150 Piece Mega Set
Playmags Supermags 150 Piece Mega Set

Playmags Supermags 150 Piece Mega Set

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  • Fun time : Playmags – 150 Piece Mega Set! Playmags 150-piece set includes 12 different shapes so that kids can now stretch their imagination to the next level. More shapes mean more designs, and more designs means more hours of fun play.


    Educational Fun:

    Playmags provides great motor skills. Encourages imaginative and creative play, and enhances math, geometry, and science skills. Creativity and critical thinking:

    high rise 3D towers are designed by kids who have developed into critical thinkers through creative play. As they build, kids develop tools for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking, and math reasoning.

    Better Learning:

    Playing with play mag not only give your child an opportunity for greater fun, along with that some basic fundamentals of different dimensions like physics, geometry, math, spatial reasoning and architecture, are being griped by the them. This is the reason that we claim that Playmags gives your child better opportunities for fun along with productive outcomes.

    Additional features

    • Made up with superior quality material

    • Attractive colors

    • Includes different shapes ; shape reorganization.

    • 32 x Magnetic Squares (3×3”)

    • 26 x Magnetic Windows (3×3”)

    • 8 x Magnetic 4 Sectional Windows (3×3”)

    • 10 x Magnetic Right-Angled Triangles

    • 8 x Magnetic Acute Angled Triangles

    • 18 x Magnetic Equilateral Triangles

    • 12 x Magnetic Rectangles

    • 14 x Magnetic Gates (3×3”)

    • 1 x Magnetic Connecting Car

    • 3 x Magnetic Large Squares (6×6”)

    • 13 x Colorful ABC & Number Clickins

    • 5 x Colorful Windows Clickins

    • 1 x Bonus Storage Bag

    • 1 x Bonus Idea Booklet

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